sometimes i sit at shopping malls : stare around : stare at the sites : stare at the stores : so many to choose from : so many flavers : baskin robbins : gotta pick 1 : find a brand : pledge the oath of allegiance : sing the national anthem : with yer hat off : all the worlds got 1 : ambercrombie & finch : american weasel : hollyster : no choice : even no brands a brand : whats every1 else got : then gimme 1a those 2 : leave no man behind :

sometimes i wonder : if i go 2 h&m : make a tax deductible charitable donation : in exchange fer somethin 2 where : will i be hot&manly : if not ferget it

sometimes i think about my hometown : wear i came from : wear i got my start : niagara on the lake : notl : not only torontonian ladies : canadas prettiest town : so they say : somebody did : sometime : its pretty but not in ways anybody notices : its pretty when you wander : its pretty when yer lonely : its pretty in the nighttime : and early every morning : but nobody sees much but the stores : queen streetsa shopping mall now 2 : christmas store : liquor store : candy store : ice cream stores : stores that never sell a thing : stores that sell many things but never any things you need : stores that sell things for yer home : never yer house : yer home : home depot : home hardwhere : home essentials : home is wear the heart is : home sweet home : aint no place like it : the welcome mat says so : soes the frame on the wall : and the sign above the door : see em over their : says so right theyre : on the sign : i got it at the shopping mall : so its gotta be true :

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