ode to bucky

i gotta guy i no back home : goes by the name of : buck marbles : butll always be bucky to me : to others he may go bye something else but its what he is to me in my heart that matters : it always is : hell always be bucky to me and ill always be ryan a gaio to him and ill always be something to somebody but i may be something else to somebody else : im something to you and im something to you too : and bucky-boy taught me a trick : its not a magic trick to everyone but it sure was to me : he pulled a rabbit outta a hat : i picked a card any card : i said bucky whats this trickuh yers : he says come on in but close the door quick man theres a draft outside cantcha see its snowin : i seen him at a typewriter : typin : typin : click clackin : fast n frantic : slick : i said bucky whatcha doin : he said im carvin a sculpture : i said bucky quit foolin : he said im paintin a picture than : i said is it a self portrait : he said sometimes : i said i can see it : he said you wanna giver a spin? : i said really bucky could i : he said ci ci senor sit down here at this typewriter : i did and i said what now bucky? : he said hold on tight : so i held on tight as i could and i still am : bucky said im workin on something new : said i dont know what it is exactly yet : but i know its something : know its name to : i said whats its name bucky : he said cupism : i said cupism : he said cupism : i said thats a good name : it is once ya think about it a bit : but you gotta be careful : cuts its an ism : and isms can bitecha in the finger if you stick it 2 far into its cage : i like cupism : to me its a kinda poetry : a new style : a trend : an era : so let it be : the old 1s gotta end soon anyways : all good things must crumble : the pyramids : societies : the wall of berlin : the wall of china : the wall of yer facebook : the wall of wolf street : all them will crumble : and so too must the greats : along with the distinctions : between toos 2s and tos : and youre and your is yer : let us go now into that great night : and break down the walls thatvebeen built : someday theyll build library shelves outta the rubble : and theyll put these new words on em :

someday theyll find these : put em in a museum : somehow : like dinosaur bones : t rex : T . Rex : mummies : these are artifacts : a record : this is our time : lets preserve it : in the way we need to : i used to be a sucker for nostalgia : reclaim the past : catch a ghost : dig up the body : i shoulda known better : i read frankenstein : didnt it teach me nuthin : i wrote an essay : i got a paper : a ribboned paper : rolled n ribbonned : cost an awful lot thats fer sure : it said that i no words : a specialist : with honours : but im not sure its true : i forgot the message : somewhere along the lines i lost it : but now i remember : about frankenstein and his monster : most people forget that he was a doctor : i dont wanna raise the dead now : let sleeping dogs lie : i want to make something knew though : as gently as i can : wont wake the baby : wouldnt wanna : and now i know how 2 make something knew : yuv filled me with excitement bucky : this stuff is far out : well worth the wait : its fresh: fun : quack : important : noncommercial : fascistkillin : rootin-tootin: good for ya : puts hair on yer chest : makes you grow big n strong : a man amongst men : people might looks back on this : cite it as the start of something : who knows what : but they will look back : even though bobby dylan told us not to : they gotta : all the cool kids are : its the beesknees baby : the new dance sensation : sweeping the nation : at the hop : i useta be a sucker for such nostalgias : orange cream sodas : and jukebox tunes : shoobopbop : shoobopbop : not anymore i want to define this era : this generation : this second : this instant : now : now : now : then : theres a movement : i can hear it : put your ear down : dont take out your headphones : thats not the way to listen : not to this : not even with beets : youll know it when you here it : its a catchy tune : itll get stuck in yer head : youll answer like this : and ill no : yer singin the ode to bucky 2 :

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